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The expedition 2006-2007   Here you can read about the vision that is the driving force behind Galathea 3, about the ship that will take the expedition on its voyage around the Earth, about the route it will follow and the research to be carried out onboard.

Windows on the World

The individual research groups are to communicate their research to the accompanying journalists from printed and electronic media. In addition, projects and the findings of research tasks must be communicated to the education sector.

This will give a picture of the research projects performed onboard the ship and the related land-based projects.

In addition, the Danish Expedition Foundation (henceforth the DEF) will organise dissemination of information about Danish research that is conducted on a running basis in the regions of the Earth that VAEDDEREN will pass through. This communication will take place by inviting research scientists to visit the ship, bringing information material along or through satellite contact to research scientists at previously agreed times.

We call these contacts windows.

A preliminary plan is outlined here, organised with reference to the various parts of the voyage.

For further information on these windows, please contact Henrik Jeppesen at the Secretariat of the Danish Expedition Foundation (phone +45 35 32 41 74 and e-mail:

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